Dimar launches the Parallel Event of the World Maritime Day to be held in Cartagena

During the Council 121 of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), helded in London and in which the Member States participated, the General Maritime Directorate (Dimar), Maritime Authority of Colombia, made the official launch of the Parallel Event of the World Maritime Day to be held next year in Cartagena de Indias.

The announcement was made during the opening of the Council and the representatives received detailed information about it by the naval attachés in London.

The 2019 World Maritime Day Parallel Event will be held in Cartagena in September with the main theme of empowering women in the maritime community; following the theme chosen for 2019 and in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is important to mention that annually, IMO assigns this distinction to countries with a high potential and strongly committed to the implementation of international standards related to safety and maritime protection, marine environment, navigation and certification of seafarers.

The World Maritime Day was established by the IMO Board of Directors at its thirty-eighth session, in 1978.

general director Marítimo attends parallel celebration of Día Marítimo Mundial in Poland

In Szczecin, Poland, there is the parallel event of the World Maritime Day organized by the World Maritime Organization (IMO), jointly with the Ministry of Maritime Economy and internal navigation of the IMO.

This event is participating in our country, represented by its maritime Director General, Vice Admiral Mario Rodríguez Viera.

During the activities scheduled for tomorrow Friday, the Director of Dimar will receive the flag of the World Maritime Day on behalf of the present host, as the next year the completion of the same will be in Cartagena.

Similarly, the celebration of the parallel event of the World Maritime Day will also serve as an occasion to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the Constitution of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), as well as the centenary of the country's independence Organizer, Poland.

It is important to mention that annually, the IMO, assigns this distinction to countries with a high potential and strongly committed to the implementation of international standards related to maritime safety and protection, marine environment, navigation and Titling of seafarers.

The World Maritime Day was established by the IMO Governing Body at its thirty-eighth session, in 1978. Each year, through a different motto, it provides an opportunity to focus attention on the importance of global shipping, or other aspects that the organization wishes to highlight. Since the year 2005, an official parallel event is also organized in some Member State.

Contributing to the strengthening of the national Maritime Power, the Directorate General Maritime commemorates 66 years of service in Colombia.

More than six decades coordinating the country's maritime and fluvial activities, make Dimar the authority of all Colombians committed to the progress and maritime prosperity of the nation. Almost a thousand men and women work hard to contribute to the maritime and fluvial interests of Colombia, joining forces with the Guild, main protagonists in the consolidation of our maritime country, who dedicate their day to day to the Maritime activities in commerce, recreation, technology, industry and first-need products.

Navigating between two oceans and Border Rivers, the Directorate General Marítima executes the government's policy in this area, through its various units among which are the captaincies of port strategically distributed throughout the country, the Oceanographic and Hydrographic research centers located in the Colombian Caribbean and Pacific, maritime signalling groups, regional intendencies, units afloat and subdirectorates.

Contributing to the strengthening of the national maritime Power, four lighthouses guide the development, competitiveness and positioning of our maritime country, from the direction of Vice Admiral Mario Germán Rodríguez Viera (in the photo), these point to the security Integral Marítimo, the strategic Plan of development Dimar 2030, the contribution to the maritime interests and objectives of sustainable development, and the satisfaction to the user.

With the policy of approaching the citizens through work tables that are developed in different localities, the Colombian maritime Authority, Dimar has shared spaces of citizen participation with the Guild, listening and attending their Needs and requirements, working to improve the processes and strengthen the tools that allow the maritime development of the nation, ensuring safety in navigation, protecting human life at sea and developing research projects Marine scientist.

Given the recognition of the Colombian maritime power for its economic impact in the world, this year the maritime Director General received the flag by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for Colombia to host the parallel event of the maritime Day World Cup in 2019. This endorsement was a sign of support for the good work being done by the Directorate General Maritime, Internal dependence of the Ministry of National Defense.

¿How was the General Directorate of Shipping born?

In the face of the shortage of means of national transport, high freights and payments in foreign currency, there arose the need to count in Colombia with its own merchant marine; This is how the executive issued decree 3183 of December 3, 1952, which created the Directorate of Colombian Merchant Marine, dependent on the command of the national Navy and whose objectives were the direction of the Merchant Navy, the investigation, the Regulation and control of maritime transport, as well as the administration of the ports of the country.

In the year 1991, with the law of Ports, the Directorate General Maritime ceased to have direct interference in the port issue, thus disappearing from its name the denomination "and port". Dimar's current organizational structure is established in Decree 5057 of 2009 and in Ministerial resolution 2143 of 2010.

Dimar took part in the Women's Third International Conference in Sweden

Highlighting women, the International Women's conference was held in Sweden under the theme “Empowering Women in the Maritime Community”.

The event, which took place at the World Maritime University - WMU - in Malmö - Sweden, was attended by over 300 representatives from 70 countries, who have analysed and discussed the importance of female labour participation in the maritime sector in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal - SDGs No5 “achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls”.

During the conference there were discussed various topics, including: women in leadership at sea; roles of women in the world of shipping, ports, maritime governance, marine science, in the fishing industry; to contribute to the achievement of the SDGS 5 within the maritime industry; increasing the visibility of women in the sea; the security and maritime security from a gender perspective; empowering women in the maritime business and creating partnership and networks for gender equality .

In parallel, a meeting was held with the regional organizations of women in the maritime sector, in which case the Program Director of the Women of the IMO, Helen Bunni, he urged an exchange of experiences among the different networks and officially presented to the Women's Network of Maritime Authorities of Latin america. - MAMLa.

It should be noted that at this conference, Colombia and Chile were invited by the IMO in recognition of the work done in the region and in support of the initiative of the two states in the Constitution and consolidation of the MAMLa network, whose first formal meeting will be held in Cartagena de Indias in September of this year.

Colombia was represented by the Coordinator of the International Maritime Affairs Group of the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs (Dimar) and representative of the MAMLa Network, Paula Pérez Monroy.

Some of the participants and attendees are invited to the parallel event of World Maritime Day, to be held in Colombia in September 2019. Among them Heike Deggim, Director of the Maritime Safety division of IMO; Birgit Sølling Olsen, former deputy Director general of the Maritime Authority Danish; Lena Gothberg, consultant, and director of the Shipping Podcast. As well as Max Mejia, professor at the World Maritime University, who served as moderator on one of the panels.

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